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Italian Favorites

True to traditional recipes we take pride in following authentic Italian favorites to calm your taste buds. Balancing sweetness, fine ingredients, carefully selected recipes and executed. We specialize in Italian cakes for birthdays and weddings, Italian bread, Italian cookies trays, and everything in between. Come try some of the famous Italian favorites.

Edible Notions always creates freshly baked goods made with finest products sourced from all over the world. Try our freshly made Italian cakes, pies, partiers and much more. It is difficult to choose from the multitude of Italian desserts that exist. The best known are certainly Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, and Cannoli but many others are to discover. Our Italian delights are exclusively made in this combination in our production line, which meet the strict standards for making quality products. We find ways to experience cream, chocolate, fruits, using recipes and flavors, inspired by Italian desserts. We love all cultures and, therefore, we adopt their best!!

  • Tiramisu


    This classic Italian delight is a perfect pick up. Fall in love with this light and fluffy dessert a...
  • Lobster-Tail

    Lobster Tail

    Our Lobster Tail pastries are filled to perfection to kick off a delicious day or ease a sweet cravi...
  • Eclairs


    Profiterole patisserie is our French-inspired patisserie as we continuously strive to create exc...
  • Cream-Puffs

    Cream Puffs

    We are committed to delivering the best cakes and pastries that are made with innovative style...
  • cheesecakes


    Are you looking for something unique and delicious to bring to the party? Add Cheesecakes to ...
  • Cannolis


    Treat yourself to a mouthwatering delight filled with the perfect amount of cream. Each crunchy...