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Italian Favorites

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  • Cannolis


    Treat yourself to a mouthwatering delight filled with the perfect amount of cream. Each crunchy...
  • cheesecakes


    Are you looking for something unique and delicious to bring to the party? Add Cheesecakes to ...
  • Cream-Puffs

    Cream Puffs

    We are committed to delivering the best cakes and pastries that are made with innovative style...
  • Eclairs


    Profiterole patisserie is our French-inspired patisserie as we continuously strive to create exc...
  • Lobster-Tail

    Lobster Tail

    Our Lobster Tail pastries are filled to perfection to kick off a delicious day or ease a sweet cravi...
  • Tiramisu


    This classic Italian delight is a perfect pick up. Fall in love with this light and fluffy dessert a...