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Cakes are served at all types of occasions, whether it is an anniversary, birthday, wedding, graduation, baby shower or any party. It is also the main attraction of the event, has become a centrepiece rather than just desert. That’s why it must look and taste perfect for that special event.

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  • Cakes

    Cakes (16)

    Cakes are our specialty. Not only are they of the highest quality using the finest fresh ingredients, they are perfect ...
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  • Cupcakes

    Cupcakes (4)

    Edible Notions is very proud to introduce its unique cupcakes that speak of a superior level of quality, texture and ...
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  • Cake Pops

    Cake Pops (2)

    Edible Notions is proud to introduce its unique cake pops that speak of a very superior level of quality, texture ...
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  • Mini Cakes

    Mini Cakes (1)

    Liven up your day with our very special mini-cakes. We have a variety of appetizing mini cakes, from the same ...
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  • Cookies

    Cookies (3)

    Edible Notions is not only famous for its cakes but each and every baked item that comes out from the ...
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  • Special Orders

    Special Orders (7)

    The concept behind Edible Notions is a very innovative one. This bakery is focused on bringing the wow factor to ...
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